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The SIGURD-SB platform allows you to automate the processing of client requests and provide self-service in the Contact Center using speech recognition and analysis of DTMFs entered by the client. And, as a result, saving operator resources, which can be redirected to solving more complex tasks.
Voice Bot Features
Fast payback
The introduction of the Bot provides an optimal payback period, especially for cases with a large number of daily calls. With the number of calls from 10,000 per day, cloud alternatives are significantly more profitable
Fault tolerance
Our solution is based on an operator-grade platform. This ensures the maximum level of reliability for solving large-scale communication tasks with customers
Natural communication
The voice bot understands the client thanks to a well-thought-out intent recognition system and speaks to him like a living person
Deep integration
The voice bot can integrate with any of your business systems (CRM, ERP) in a matter of days to create dialogues that take into account information about the client and his needs
Convenient setup
You can configure it yourself using a convenient graphical interface and simple scripts to configure communication with other information systems
Statistics and analytics
The bot keeps call statistics, can remember dialogs, and is able to upload call results to any Customer's system thanks to the simple API
Work map
The call from the client goes to the IVR subsystem
IVR generates a request to the natural speech recognition module, transmits sound as part of an MRCP request
The speech recognition module performs recognition and returns the result to the IVR system in the form of text or internet
The client goes to the desired branch of the menu and interacts with integrated systems (orders, requests, feedback collection)
Areas of application
Medical Services Ordering Service
The client pronounces the name of the service and connects to the desired service; the client calls the application number and receives the analysis result
Corporate Voice Assistant
An employee in a free form formulates a request to the corporate system and receives a response with the necessary information
Auto Secretary
The client pronounces the name of the employee or department, the system connects with the right person
Collecting feedback
The auto-call system makes a call to the client and asks questions to assess satisfaction with the level of service. The client responds, the responses are stored in the database and are available for further analysis
Informing about the order status
The voice bot calls the customer and pronounces the status of the order, its address and storage periods
Providing information
The client calls the service he is interested in, the Voice bot tells how it can be obtained, calls the phone number and address of the place where the service is provided, offers to connect with the supplier
Payback period 0 month.