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Analyze Speech-PRO
Speech analytics software for conversations between a company and its customers is designed to automate the processing of audio recordings in contact centers, government services and customer service points.
companies believe that interaction with customers by phone will remain an important component of contact centers
companies determine the success of investments in automation by reducing costs and increasing productivity
companies in Russia consider automation of analytics of client requests as a means of business scaling
Visual quality reports
Checklist Report
Convenient operation with the audio signal
Support for all common audio formats
Supervisor's functional workplace
Automatic evaluation of operators
Interruptions Report
Interruptions Report
Clickable navigation through the text of the service session
Channel-by-channel analysis of operator and client speech
Categorization of calls by keywords
Online notifications of critical events
Extensive administration capabilities
Flexible configuration of users and data access rights
Operational setup of checklists and dictionaries
Work map
Each service session is automatically translated into text with the separation of the operator's and client's speech
Synchronization with the contact center metadata is carried out in the background
Supervisor creates checklists and categories; compliance report is generated in real time
Аналитические данные используются с целью корректировки бизнес-процесса или оперативной проработки ситуации
Контроль корректности общения
Выполнение скрипта обслуживания
Разрешение проблем обслуживания
Отслеживание жалоб клиентов
Предотвращение оттока клиентов
Случаи прямого отказа от обслуживания
Отсутствие слов-паразитов
Лексика, говорящая о некомпетентности
Контроль повторных обращений
Контроль перебиваний
Эскалации на руководителя
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