PROFIT Contact Day 2022 in Kazakhstan

In September, the PROFIT Contact Day 2022 conference was held in the Republic of Kazakhstan under the slogan "Back to the Future", dedicated to new technologies in the work of contact centers and customer interaction. Managers and IT directors of centralized services for receiving and processing incoming calls and requests discussed trends and prospects for the development of technologies for interacting with customers and the transformation of customer service in general. 
How to find out if a client has objections, how to level out and prevent such dissatisfactions, how to increase customer loyalty to the company and services – the guests of the event received the answer to these and other relevant questions that arise when communicating with customers on this day.
SIGURD-IT became the bronze partner of PROFIT Contact Day and introduced its own product line to the telecommunications market of Kazakhstan. We thank the organizers of the event for the opportunity and trust, and the guests for their interest and activity.
With renewed vigor, we strive to be mutually beneficial and actively contribute to the achievement of joint professional goals!