MegaCom is our client

In October 2020, the IT company SIGURD-IT completed a project to create a SIGURD MIND contact center for the largest mobile operator in the Kyrgyz Republic - MegaCom (Alfa Telecom CJSC). Due to the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic, our company's employees carried out all work remotely, including training of Alfa Telecom CJSC personnel.
MegaCom is the leader in 2G/3G/4G network coverage in Kyrgyzstan, providing mobile communications to 99% of the country's populated territory and serving more than 3 million subscribers. The company is constantly working on the expansion, technical development and optimization of the network, and this was the reason for the choice of SIGURD-IT to build a contact center.
In a fairly short time, in just 60 days, the technical specialists of SIGURD-IT installed the contact center software on MegaCom virtual servers, and also launched a data exchange mechanism between the contact center and the MegaCom information system. The integration made it possible to implement automated, diverse self-service services in IVR.
As the workplace of the operator (RMO) of the contact center, operators have the opportunity to choose the type of workplace:
  • "thin" client (Web-based software with flexible configuration of desktops and widgets);
  • "thick" client (soft-phone);
  • IP-SIP telephone set.
Thanks to the SIGURD-MIND contact center, MegaCom operators communicate with customers via any communication channels (voice, messengers, chats, social networks, e-mail).
The powerful report designer of the contact center fully meets the requirements of MegaCom's business processes in terms of building reports and analyzing statistical information.
We thank Alfa Telecom for choosing SIGURD-IT as a supplier of the SIGURD-MIND contact center and hope for further fruitful cooperation!